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Red colour in trends and history

Updated: May 5, 2023

Colour Red has been associated with many things throughout history. Since ancient times, Red was used as a symbol of strength, courage, power and authority. One of the earliest uses of red dye was by the Egyptians, who used it for fabrics and clothing. The dye was extracted from the madder plant roots. In some cultures, Red was used for religious ceremonies or painted on warrior’s faces, and in others for royal robes. Believe it or not, the colour Red has also been used for practical purposes, as some believed it had protective qualities. Nowadays, Red is associated with two main meanings which are as contrast to each other as it gets. One of them is love and passion and the other one danger and warning. Politically, Red is known for socialism, communism and left-wing parties and it is used on many national flags.

The history and usage of the colour Red are quite fascinating, as the meaning and significance of this colour changes over time. Despite its many associations, it is still a popular colour in decorations and fashion. Red is a vibrant and bold colour, it can add confidence and a striking touch to every outfit. There is never too much of the colour red, it's just the choice of being at the centre of attention. The popular option is to use Red as an accent or a simple statement piece. For example, a red scarf or pair of shoes can add a touch of drama to a simple black dress, while a red handbag can add a touch of sophistication to casual jeans and t-shirt. Red can easily be mixed and matched with other colours and can be incorporated into a wide range of styles.

Some of the recent trends for Red colour are :

Red + monochromatic schemes. This involves using different shades of red to create a cohesive and harmonious look. For example, a monochromatic red outfit could consist of deep burgundy trousers, a scarlet jumper, and a pair of cherry red boots. In interior design, a monochromatic red colour scheme could involve painting the walls a dark red and using lighter shades of red for the furniture and accessories.

Red + geometric patterns. A red and white striped shirt or a red geometric pattern dress can be visually interesting and can add a modern, dynamic feel. In interior, a red geometric patterned wall or a red and white striped rug are a playful addition to any room.

Red + another bold colour. This is the perfect combination for an eye-catching look or to make a statement. Either in fashion or interior design, red and yellow, or red and blue combinations are vibrant, fun and contemporary.

Red + neutrals. Another minimalist, but popular trend, is to combine neutrals with small amounts of red accents. For example, a red accent wall in a mostly white room, or a red statement piece of furniture in a mostly black and white space, can add interest and depth without overwhelming the overall design.

Overall, the use of red in fashion and interior design continues to evolve and change, and it remains a popular and enduring colour choice.

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