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Interior 2021

Trend report

Since the pandemic we are spending more time at our homes and are not only looking into new trends and colour, but also into functionality and sustainability. Even though there is a high demand for sustainable and ecological products, many producers are still in a development stage. 


At the Heimtextil 2020 exhibition, several new materials were introduced. Amongst those was fire-resistant velvet for upholstery, by a brand called Radaelli COEX, which doesn't contain any chemicals and was created by molecular modifications. In addition, “Silicore” is a new sustainable alternative to PVC which is durable and low maintenance. Interior and textile brands are looking into creating more ecological and hypoallergenic solutions. Usage of cork is also popular as it is anti-allergenic, water resistant, flame resistant and sound absorbing.

interior collage with colour palettes

In terms of design trends - Scandinavian and Japanese influences are popular with their simple and polished looks, but because we want our homes filled with cosy and warm atmosphere, materials are an important decision. A trend is to go for natural and ecological options like pale woods and clean lines, connected to nature, which reminds us of the outdoors. 


To keep comfort and cosiness, “boucle” fabric is a perfect addition. Boucle is usually wool or mohair yarn with a curled ply, woven into fabric. The mood and natural elements can be enhanced by natural light, earthy colour palettes and a large amount of plants. 

interior collage with colour palettes

In 2021 home colours will be warm neutrals, browns and greys which bring tranquility and harmony. These colours do not just complement each other, but are also timeless. If you would like to enhance it with some bright colourful accents, yellow is a good option for small decorations and highlights. For braver souls, walls with navy or cobalt blue colours are perfect to accompany neutrals. Another option is to use large scale or busy wallpaper design. 

Read more about future home innovations on our blog page. 

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