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Premiere Vision COLOUR AW24/25

Trend report

The AW 24/25 season is ablaze with colour, guided by the Solar Vision theme at Première Vision. Bright, versatile, and symbolic, the season's colour trends promise to add warmth and energy to fashion. Let's dive into the hues that will define this season.

Solar Shades: Colours of the Season

  • N°7 – Yellow Clay: Merging energy and neutrality, this shade brings life to all product categories. Reflecting the earth's symbiosis with light, it's both imposing and discreet.

  • N° 14 – Sun: A versatile and dynamic color, the sun's radiant energy infuses this powerful hue, revitalizing the season's palette.

  • N°12 – True Orange: Boldly radical and alluring, this shade symbolizes pure energy, captivating the senses like a blood-red or the incandescent heart of the sun.


These shades not only warm and brighten the Autumn-Winter season but are also applied transparently like a solar filter, diffusing across surfaces. Metallic shine occasionally highlights them, adding a luxurious touch.

main colour palette

Long considered sacred, the sun now symbolizes universal, renewable energy, particularly relevant in today's context of scarce resources. The sun's universal message ushers us towards unisex harmonies and diverse applications, reflecting in sportswear, tailored looks, and even futuristic styles.

In addition to the vibrant solar hues, three more colors bring depth, neutrality, and innovation to the AW 24/25 palette:

  • N°13 - Simple Gray: Representing an ageless equilibrium that transcends gender and season constraints, this shade embodies the essence of mineral neutrality. With a focus on utility and durability, it is imbued with a recycled quality that resonates with contemporary sensibilities.

  • N°19 - Opal Green: This unique green hue, faint and evanescent, subtly bridges the organic and the digital. Minimal in pigmentation, its attractive coolness creates a fusion between the biological world and technological advancements.

  • N°25 - Dark Purple: An intense color that brings depth and intrigue, Dark Purple accentuates minimalism with an unexpected twist. Its rich, profound tone enhances darker shades, adding sophistication to textures.


These additional shades enrich the seasonal palette, offering a multifaceted approach that reflects both timeless elegance and forward-thinking innovation. They harmonize with the vibrant solar tones, creating a diverse and exciting color landscape for the AW 24/25 season.

Colour palette

The colour trends of AW 24/25 are a blend of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. From the warmth of solar shades to the timeless elegance of Simple Gray, Opal Green, and Dark Purple, the palette invites you to explore fashion with new eyes. Embrace this unique combination of colours to refresh and enliven your wardrobe in the coming season, allowing creativity and positivity to shine through your style.

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