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Interior & home innovations

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

As technology evolves, a key idea for future homes will be to integrate our devices into home furnishing. Having smart lights, curtains and a doorbell is already frequently used, however products are pushed to increase interactive and digital experiences as well as implementing augmented reality into designs. For example “HiMirror” ,which is a mirror with a camera and a system developed to scan and analyse your skin and in result recommend suitable products specific to you. Moreover, it can detect wrinkles, reminding you to use your creams and also advise you on fitness or health goals.

Connecting our homes with some smart technologies can help us reduce waste and make life simpler. Look at “Fridgecam” , which takes pictures of your fridge every time you open it, therefore it is easy for you to access using your phone when in a store. It can also keep track of expiry dates on your groceries and can notify you if food is close to the ‘use by‘ date. The company “Smarter” also developed smart kettle and smart coffee machines, which can be either voice controlled or set to a certain time, like in the morning right after you wake up.

In the near future, we can see more developments for smart utility systems like heating and air conditioning, which could be based on daily habits and automatically turn on/off during our working hours or by using our location when away from home. With these new and improved home systems, people could save energy as well as money.

Researchers are also looking into home waste-less recycling systems. Ideally, water will be reused across the home and consumption will be reduced by a minimum of 45%. Plastics could be recycled at home and people would be able to create new household items from them. The end goal is to also create homes that can produce their own electricity. Even buildings themselves will be designed in a way to produce more energy than they consume. Some red bricks are already being developed into energy storage devices. Also, there may be a new replacement for concrete, which is able to heal its damaged areas.

In order to achieve all of this and live more sustainably, brands need to think beyond the purpose of a product and think about reusability and second value.


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