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Pure London AW20/21

Trend report

At Pure London exhibition we have discovered four main trends for upcoming season. Read a brief description for Hibernate, Attune, Opulence and Nu-Tech below.

hibernate moodboard

​Procrastination and boredom become our comforts. Sometimes we can embrace kindness and a more optimistic attitude towards our lives, simply by rejecting our commitments. In our society we benefit from slowing down, taking time to be considerate, just by doing nothing our mental health and creativity can progress. I feel it is important to highlight the discreet hand painted patterns which, when looking closer, can give out subtle statements. The prints step back to make way for surfaces and textures. The key is to pay attention to the elegant and refined florals with faint shadows, which are scattered around the garments. Neutrals with tinted pastels e.g. lilac tinted blues and iced apricot are the key colours, but sage green and khaki are also necessary to add depth to the palette. You can really sense the theme or protection coming through, the cosy warm layers, volumes and padding all add to the topic of Hibernation. There are also the massive scarves which act as a motif throughout this theme.

attune moodboard

Attune is centred around the idea of us leading simpler less stressful lives. It is essential for us to reduce what we buy, narrow portions and make more mindful choices. Us, Consumers are seeking legitimacy and honesty; we are becoming more considerate of what materials and ingredients are in our products and what we are actually purchasing. Moreover, it is all about promoting a realistic approach towards sustainability and bearing in mind how our actions impact the planet. Even a small action like reducing your plastic waste can have an impact, imagine the outcomes if only we all did it. The colours are stimulated by neutral tones, elements of nature. Rich browns and greens are the base colours of the palette, blush and claret are also used to add softness. It has become very fashionable to make old things look new again. A little tip, using old scraps of fabrics, layered check-on-check styling are classic ways of reusing resources and I think this can really modernise certain outfits. Oversized windowpane lines and contemporary argyle knits also play a big part in this theme.

opulence moodboard

Opulence is inspired by aristocracy, individuality and bad behaviour. To me it gives off a very extravagant mood. The meaning of luxury is being redefined depending on the growth in the technological industry, this increases our desire for a “more is more” attitude. We are living very depraved lives, looking for a meaning in an uncertain world. Enlightening ourselves with ancient rituals and ceremonies, the power of collective communities and how they have grown and developed over time. Opulence merges all of these features together, into one theme. The designs are like hybrid combinations, linking historical references and our current lifestyles. The patterns are inspired by luxurious interiors, a Baroque style, involving historical references. Every aspect of each design gives of a bold statement, it all has a meaning. Bold florals, shines and surfaces are added to the prints, layered with metallic jacquard weaves and intense beading. Burnt oranges, reds and purples, blush rose, metallic gold are all very important to create a very dramatic effect. It is all very over the top but at the same time it works harmoniously together. It is a theme with which you could construct many different types of looks, from modern gothic, with shiny fabrics, velvets and florals, to looks centred around day wear, including lots of jewels and accessories.

nu-tech moodboard

We all desire to be our best selves, seeking optimum health, fitness, nutrition and intelligence. But we also crave exiting experiences which are all empowered by technology and nature. Nu-Tech is based around binding digital power and creating futuristic aesthetics. In some ways to me it almost comes across as disturbing because of the unfamiliar fantastical and multisensory characteristics. The Digital worlds combine to create virtual reality and sensory experiences, which have a great impact on the retail, entertainment and hospitality industries. Our experiences are constantly taken to another level. The colour story in Nu-Tech is neon brights, unexpected colour clashes which create a very disruptive story. The electric acid yellows and greens almost glow, that’s how bright they are. Black, midnight blue and peach anchor the palette and the prints add to the digital, futuristic atmosphere e.g. the hyperbolic glitch effects and computer-generated fluid stripes. The styling consists of elevated volume and massive amounts of pattern clash. There is a combination of formal and sporty designs which suits any type of modern lifestyle.

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