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Premiere vision COLOUR SS22

Trend report

Colour trends for SS22 are split into 4 categories. Neutral colours, Pinks and orange tones, Blue and violets and Natural greens with acidic yellow. Each category can be used as separate colour palette, however there are also options for contrast and combination of categories.

Colour palettes

When choosing highlights, light is the key. Dark colours can boost intensity of light colours and light tones can soften dark. This is excellent for layering fabrics getting an intensified finish. 

There are several colours of nature in this colour palette which can be enhanced by bright and artificial hues. Especially the colours like orange, violet and blue, same with colourful flowers, are an excellent highlight to natural greens and browns to bring more vibrancy. 

Colour combinations
colour combinations

More and more our reality crosses with virtual reality and new technology is developed. Colours grow softer and create a connection between screen and materials. Strong orange and purple colour combination brings power and confidence. Whereas pastels with contrasting acidic orange or purple create more romantic and harmonious feel.

colour combination
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