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Colour is a power that directly influences the soul

Updated: May 5, 2023

Colours are the basis of life in harmony, health, happiness and they also influence our mood and life energy. They are around us as well as inside of us. Did you know, that colours can be used as a treatment in simple and beautiful method? The medical system of healing with colours has been known long ago in old cultures. The Egyptians and Greeks used coloured minerals, stones, crystals and dyes for medicine and treatment.

The interest in the physical nature of colour developed in ancient Greece, along with the concept of the elements - air, fire, water, earth. These basic components of the universe were related to the characteristic of coldness, warmth, humidity and drought, as well as to four body fluids, which are yellow bile, blood, mucus and black bile. They were perceived as the source of four organs, the spleen, heart, liver and brain. Health was the right balance of these moods and diseases would appear after their inequality.

Some colour therapists say that colour is energy, and based on that it is not perceived only by sight, but also subconsciously absorbed by skin. They also state that colour is penetrated into our bodies and there is a chemical reaction that influences various organs and systems. The principle of the colour therapy is that each cell in our body has its own colour and its vibrations. In case you become ill, those vibrations change. Rays of a specific colour cause the cells to return to normal vibration, which makes your body recover.

Every one of us knows the therapeutic effects of sun-rays and its energy which is represented in plants as well as food we consume. The sun’s rays contain all colours, which means it is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The most repeated explanation is that red stimulates sexual energy, orange and yellow help in digestion, green is full of love, harmony and it calms our emotions, blue affects breathing, and purple helps in meditation. Intense vibrant colours activate us and pastel colours soothe.

The truth is that colour affect us in different ways and we feel them with different intensity. For instance, in a blue room some people set the thermostat 3 degrees higher than in red room. Time to repaint? Look at our interior trends for 2021.


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