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Discover the world of Printtrend studio, a UK-based family run online platform driven by Lubica and her parents. We cater to creative businesses and individuals in search of unique print designs tailored for fashion, home or stationery needs.


At Printtrend studio, we offer more than just design. We provide a journey into trend-driven selections that captivate and inspire. Once you step into our online domain, you'll unlock a trove of exclusive designs and trend inspiration.

We believe that every creative vision deserves a unique print. So, if our ready-to-use designs don't fit your vision, don't hesitate to reach out. We're more than eager to tailor our style to create custom prints exclusively for you. Join us and become part of our family's legacy in delivering soul-stirring designs.

Photo of Sura - illustrator
Photo of Lubica - founder
Photo of Milan - graphic designer
Illustrator, Social media specialist
Founder, designer
UI/UX Designer, Graphic designer

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