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Premiere vision COLOUR AW23

Trend report

As usual, there are four main categories in colour trends for AW22/23.

The “Precious warms” category (see below left) is all about the shine of soft metal, the richness of the earth and the velveteen of skin. Richly pigmented oranges and ochres evoking warmth and green/yellow metallic shine, work together to show a variety of surfaces. A metallic effect of gold shades never loses its value. They warm up silkies, knits and laces and their shine infuses the entire wardrobe. Shine is found on the fabric surface either by using coatings or patterns. Soft combinations of references of shine are either used in jewellery on buckles and buttons, or everyday parkas and jeans. These shiny accents are combined with season pastels to avoid a flashy look. Embroideries with metallic yarns are another great example of a subtle shiny highlight. A glamorous evening look can be achieved by irregular yarns or metallic appliqués.

“Fortifying brights” (see below right) consists of a powerful red, deep dark purple, vitamin orange, good fortune green, vitality fuchsia and superhero blue combined with black to highlight them. Bright colours in this palette are a prediction of happiness and a positive future. With a black combination, they bring out an intense glamorous and bold harmony.

colour palette and combinations
colour palette and combination

“Mysterious shadows” (see below left) let us reimagine traditional lightness and darkness. The shadowy effect nearly as film negatives are perfect in contrast with rich browns and deep purples substituting black. Futuristic dimensions contrasted shadows and solarised effects of photo negatives are especially interested in menswear and outdoor clothing. Traditional leather is replaced with a cloudy effect leather as a highlight of this new trend.

“Smokey pigments” (see below right) palette consists of faded and natural colours like green and taupe. Natural greens and khaki are almost as if lifted from a landscape. It creates the effect of a soft horizon. Familiar and sophisticated accents of smokey grey is now a new modern grey. This grey is perfect for creating monotone variations. 

Highlights of this season harmonise with the production and vision of the fashion supply, they reflect the changing market. Even in new colour trends, the focus is still on quality and authenticity.

colour palette and colour combinations
colour palette and colour combination

Mixing of different colour categories:

Grey combined with warm orange, yellow and metallic shift balance, and update casual over-shirts or parkas and small leather goods. When used in knitwear, sweaters have an electrified look and patterns are colourful and refreshing.

Natural colours of wool, skin like beige, brown and ecru modulate surfaces with irregularities. Especially salt and pepper look for textile accessories, trims and ribbons is widely used. Browns are a new classic of the season and an essential alternative for navy and black. Cosy jersey or leather in brown combined with blue is an iconic duo for AW22. Brown knits are used for tracksuits, backpacks, hats or boots. In prints, brown is combined with fuchsia for a floral and abstract pattern.

All markets and products benefit from a force of positive energy and powerful self-expressive designs. Colour blocks enhance bold graphics and add dynamics to Sportswear visuals. Vibrant colours with a combination of concrete grey create energy. Imagination and creativity are increased with double-faced fabrics. For more subtle contrast combinations, dark contours are used on dark fabrics in the form of long fringes, brushed finishings or cloudy patterns.

colour combinations
colour combinations
colour combinations
colour combinations
colour combinations
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