Premiere vision AW21/22

Trend report

As we all know the year 2020 is full of surprises and unexpected situations for all of us. It is not just the world of fashion that is changing as every industry is trying to adapt to new living and working conditions. With several fashion and textile exhibitions cancelled, Premiere Vision Paris decided to take a different approach and go ahead with their global event remotely. After registering, you could gain access to new trends, inspirations, online talks and a list of suppliers.  


Look below with us to see what we found for AW21/22. 

Ultra soft fabrics and materials 

give us protection and comfort in these times of uncertainty. As we look for nourishment and indulgence, we can use fabrics like mohair, fake furs and foamy wools to wrap ourselves in like cocoons. Tip: Use your imagination and go crazy with extravagant colours. 


is all about double sided fabrics and bonded coats, where the front and back are in contrast but can still compliment each other. Whether it is bonded leather and wool or two different textures, contrasting always brings something playful and unexpected to fashion.


Staying protected and cosy this upcoming winter can also be achieved with bold, puffy materials. 

The importance of quilting is raised above all as it can connect elegance with practicality. Don't forget volume can also be emphasised by a pattern and there is always place for decorative embossing, embroidery and jacquards. 

Eco responsible 

More and more we are trying to protect our environment, and the fashion industry is not an exception. Eco friendly and compostable materials are now popular more than ever as consumers consider fabric composition to make more responsible choices. Cottony blends and recycled polyester are a few of the popular options that comply with low impact and new standards. For luxurious fashion, recycled wools and cashmere prove to be particularly interesting.


With importance of a nature influence, patterns of earth such as rocks, minerals and irregular surfaces are more popular among designers. Natural transformations and weathering create blurry , disturbed looks that bring surfaces to life. Flowers can be interpreted by layering and textures, to bring some clarity in ever changing nature. 


The four main themes in prints are Blurred digital graphics, Art deco, Woodland fauna and Folklore. As already mentioned in material, contrast also plays a big role in prints this year. Contrasting optical illusions and blurred geometrics are a few of the new digital graphics of the future. Art deco patterns are mostly used in jacquard, lace and embroidery, although it can always be incorporated to print, to create a more mysterious look. Consumers yearning for a connection with nature gives us the opportunity to bring new prints with woodland animals and dark forest themes. This year, folcloric patterns are a connection of blurred graphics and florals to create airy ornaments on a dark background.