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Home office trend

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

As working from home becomes a new normal for most of us, it is time to adjust our rooms to create more comfortable and effective work spaces. It doesn't need to be a boring corporate office anymore, you can get really creative with colours, wallpapers or decorations. If you haven't done it yet, let's look at some trends for home offices in 2021 and also Feng Shui advices for interiors.

The important part is to choose a room and place where you want to work. Working on a couch or from a bed looks like fun at first, however it is not beneficial for your focus nor health. To keep a healthy posture when working at home, your chair should have an adjustable back rest and height.

When choosing a space for your desk, you shouldn't forget about lighting, organisation and ventilation. Without a doubt light and colour has enormous effects on our effective working. There should be as much daily light as possible, as natural light not only stimulates action, but is also better for your eyesight. Some studies also show that plants and flowers reduce stress and improve mental health and focus. At the same time, don't forget you are at home, and this is a space that should define you and your personality. Use memorabilia’s, photos or anything that inspires you.

Feng Shui tips for maximising your productivity.

If your house plan is versatile, your home office should be as far from bedroom as possible, ideally with a separate entry. If your desk is positioned towards the door and you can see people coming in, it creates so called “position of power”. Having said that, the desk should be positioned far away from the door, in order to not block the energy coming through. For support, there should be a wall and plants behind you.

As already mentioned quality of air and light is the most important factor and should always be enhanced with at least one or two air purifying plants in your working corner. Snake plants, Orchid’s or Lily’s are good and easy options.

When thinking of colour, it really depends on what your line of work is. Generally, blue, green or beige walls are a good addition for science, math and writing jobs. Lastly, declutter, organise and minimise interruptions. An easy way of separating relax and working zones is through the use of wallpaper. Look at some of our example designs below.


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