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Fashion Industry is Going Live

Fashion Shows are undoubtedly the central factor and spirit of the #fashionindustry. This year brands have been challenged; they are facing difficult decisions on how to approach the disturbance caused by COVID-19. They have to act quick and figure out a new strategy on how to successfully present and enhance the beauty of their work - digitally. It is an opportunity of and change in developing marketing. Social media, VR and live-streaming could increase the connection between a costumer and a company, not only during a pandemic, but also in the future.

During the #ShanghaiFashionWeek, the shows were presented digitally. Social networks and online websites provided most of the designers with an alternate pathway to continue to display and engage the public with their new collections. Similarly to @GiorgioArmani, who offered his audience with an opportunity to watch and experience the show safely on a live stream.

However, during the #ParisFashionWeek, it was visible that there was a mix of emotions about cancelling shows. For example, Dries van Noten offered the guests protective, disposable face masks and carried on his show as initially planned. Even with the feelings of apprehension and tension in the air, some are still determined to keep the industry going. Is that a sign of hopefulness or obliviousness? Only time will tell.

Films are replacing live shows, but does it have the same impact? Is it the same as seeing the clothes being worn, feeling the flow of the material in air, the glistening of the garments in pure light? Clothes are bleak when on their own, it’s the movement which stimulates them; gives them a meaning. On a live stream it may be challenging to capture these effects.

Fashion Weeks bring communities together. You find yourself in a room full of creativity and enthusiasm. You build relationships and have conversations with buyers, designers, influencers, who are all artists in their own way. Additionally, these weeks are incredibly important for new designers who are unknown to the retailers and a big risk when it comes to building business relationships.

This year, the rising popularity of TikTok has allowed the fashion industry to reach out to their younger generation of fans. Brands like #Prada and #Moncler have teamed up with famous influencers like Charli D’Amelio, to create behind the scene footage which were shared to the public. When you have an influencer with a following of around 55.8million people, you can only imagine how much it helped to attract a new audience. Personal connections are very important when it comes to developing a good relationship between a company and its customers. This could be enhanced through the use of technology, but it has not been successful in the past. However, with the rapidly advancing social media, are we going to witness an effective partnership in the near future?


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